Stacked Vase

I had an absolute blast making this project. It was an easy sculpture use creativity with. This vase required the construction of three seperate pieces, all of which were made on the wheel. The challenging aspect was slipping and scoring the pieces together without leaving any traces. Ultimately, my goal was to make my vase look as though it was one piece and for it to be a 'kitchen worthy vase'. My vase became an addition to my kitchen. The colors I used to glaze it blend in nicely with the back splash. Easily, this was my favorite project of the semester.

Embellished Pot

The embellished pot was a new type of project for me. I started by creating an average sized cylinder. From there I adjusted a number of things. I began making my embellished pot look as though it was aged. I used the wire cutter to shave off a small amount of the rim, leaving a 'curl'. When I was finished using the wheel for the majority of my project I cut out a section of my pot. After it was glazed and fired I added cloth where I cut out some clay.

Tea Pot

This was the first tea pot I had ever made. It was a guess and check proccess. The tea pot I designed was a smaller tea pot. Therefore, I began with a medium size cylinder and started to pull outward; adding a round affect. I made some small 'cuts' in the pot using the wire tool. The most difficult part of forming this tea pot was making the spout on the wheel, and futhermore, attatching it. I am sure that the next time I make a tes pot the proccess will be a much simpler one, now that I have one under my belt.
Serving Dish

The serving dish I made is shaped as grapes. I first made a flat, smooth plate using the wheel and one fist. Next I made a 'wall' the width of the wheel. It stood only a few inches high. Then I ensured that the bat was drenched with water so that I would be able to form the 'wall' into grapes easily. After both the 'wall' and plate were leather hard I slipped and scored them together. Finally, I glazed the dish purple to final the 'grape' affect.
The Perfect Mug

I made my mug an average size, 'just right'. I used 'comforting' colors, browns and reds. The colors I chose give it a 'homy' feel. The mug fits my hand, and needs perfectly.