Ceramics 3 Portfolio

Layered Pot 2010

This piece was created on the wheel. I used a layering technique to add to the piece. The colors used were blue and oil spot black.

Taste of Antique 2010

My goal for this mug was to give it an antique essence. To accomplish this I used blue and copper head. Also, I added texture to the mug. I finished off my piece with a dainty handle.

Colapse 2010

The wheel was used to first make a taller cylinder. Once I made the cylinder I thinned the cylinder about 1/3 from the top so that it would cave in, giving it a unique look. The glazed used were copper head, blue, and oil spot black.

Inturpretive 2010

This bulbous pot was inspired by a pitcher. I wanted to add a different style to it, I went about that by adding a spout to each end on top. To glaze this piece I used a mystery glaze for the entire pot, and then created a design with oil spot black.

Imperfection 2010

This black and blue pot was made to be bulbous, yet altered. Indents were made in the sides in order to create a diverse shape. I enjoyed making this project because it provided me with a new technique, and new ideas.

Escape 2010

The first pitcher I have ever made is pictured above. It was a fun new experience. This project gave me a chance to try a new design with not only the shape and additional texture, but also the glaze.

When the Colors Merge 2010

My final was ultimately my favorite project throughout this semester. I shaped my pot on the wheel. I chose to make it 'bulbous like'. The goal was to add somewhat of a design to the exterior, and so I used the wooden tool to make criss- crosses. The handles were the most challenging aspect of my project. Also, I formed a foot for the bottom of my pot. The colors I used to add character to the piece were blue, copper head, and iron red.===